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M&F Studio consist of blended Kuwaiti taste & elegancy, harmonized with the originality and rooted architectural and interior design art of the world. Our projects were designed as their owners dreamed, in line with what they like, hope, and wish. We listen to you first and how you want to the soul of your new place to be, then we plan, design, and create with our distinctive team of designers, their experiences and talents. We keep in touch with you all along the journey.

M&F Studio established in Kuwait partnering with Simutin Design Company which designed buildings, villas, palaces and chalets in Italy, Russia, Romania, UAE and US.


Learn about our service for your design needs.

You might want to design your house from scratch, or uplift you existing one, or face lift it. We offer you complete architectural design service for buildings, villas, chalets, and uplifting.

We design your space & place’s decor according to your taste and style in a way that makes you feel at home. Or in a way that reflects your business identity and brand. In harmony between spaces, lights, furniture, and colors that give you the joy of life.

We not only design your place as you wish but make and create, with our designers’ touch, the furniture you want in our factory in the world design capital, Italy.


You can find here some of our international work for architecture and interior design.

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